Chasing Waterfalls in NC

High Falls

First of all, shout out to our wonderful bosses who stress to us how important it is to balance work and home life! They are the reason for our weekend getaway to the mountains!

After hanging around our cabin rental, we were ready for a mild adventure. Nothing super crazy like climbing Table Rock or bagging a Munro in Scotland mind you, this weekend was supposed to be relaxing after all. The nearby DuPont State Forest offered plentiful options to choose from.

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Lessons on Air Travel During COVID-19

A beautiful thunderstorm over Colorado

If you haven’t figured it out reading my other posts by now, I get a satisfaction from planning and packing and executing that plan. I enjoy getting through security with as little trouble as possible when I fly. I enjoy efficiency and knowing what to expect. Well, something we had not experienced was flying during circumstances like COVID. Lesson #1 Expect the Unexpected.

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1/2 a Day in Inverness (Day 11)

On our final full day in Scotland, we left Waverly on a morning train. We figured out how the kiosk worked to pick up our online reservation, stashed our luggage and away we went. The train between Edinburgh and Inverness is a lovely way to be introduced to Scotland, as we were 10 days ago going south, and a thoughtful trip on the return to reminisce all the way north. The views from the train and within the train left us with new thoughts about Scotland. Particularly intriguing were the retired school teachers on holiday. They were much warmer and talkative than the gentlemen that we sat beside on our way south.

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Edinburgh- Day 10

Documentaries, pictures and film simply cannot capture the magnificence that is Edinburgh, and I know I can’t either. Many have captured Edinburgh by pen, far more famous and more eloquent I could hope to be. I’ve actually started and stopped this post many times, stretched out from October to January. My inability to give you a small glimmer of insight in to our time spent in this wonderful city made me quit writing all together for the past few months. I have decided to try again and post whatever result I am left with.

Stirling Castle and Wallace Monument (Day 9)

Memory is a funny thing. Sometimes you can’t remember a thought that popped into your head 5 minutes, but you can remember the first time Braveheart came on TV and you actually were allowed to watch (most of) it. I remember thinking how beautiful the scene was where Wallace courts Murron. They ride through a glen and up a mountain and end looking out over a loch. I wanted to go there.

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Stonehaven, Dunnotar and St Andrews (The In Between Time)

With 15 glorious hours of daylight comes great responsibility. We decided to squeeze every drop we could out of most of our days in Scotland. Day 8 1/2 into the beginning of 9 was no exception! We left Blair Castle as the Highland Games were drawing to a close. To the sound of bagpipes on the wind, we left behind more than just our footprints in that damp grassy field in front of the castle, we left pieces of our hearts too.

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Atholl Highlanders Gathering (Days 7 & 8)

In a small town near by our current hometown, there is a Tartan Festival that I won tickets to one year.  It launched Ben into a genealogical search of his Scottish side of the family.  He traced his paternal lineage all the way back to the 900’s.  His family had ties to Clan Murray from then on to at least the 1740’s.  The Murray’s have held the dukedom of Atholl for centuries and with it, Blair Castle.

Every Maybank Holiday weekend, they put on a history presentation, a parade and highland games celebrating the Atholl Highlanders, the Duke of Atholl’s private army (these days ceremonial). It kicks off the season of Highland Games and piping competitions in Scotland.  Our conversation upon discovering this fact went something like this…

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In Search of Nessie- Scotland Day 6

Standing on rocks in the loch, hoping to catch a glimpse of Nessie…

I am not going to lie, it was difficult to leave Skye with so much unexplored. However, today was a new day! We were off to the opposite side of the country, from Skye to Pitlochry via Loch Ness. Continue reading “In Search of Nessie- Scotland Day 6”