This post sat in my drafts for 6 months, after a trip that was almost a year ago. At the time of my review for finally posting, Disney did drop the mask requirement, but has since returned to require them for indoor spaces. I hope you enjoy this post and find that it helps you plan your magical trip!

  • Stay at a WDW Resort. The convenience and extra magical touches are worth it. Plus Disney for sure doesn’t want COVID in the parks, so they are committed to clean.
  • Get an adjustable mask! You’ll want to customize your fit. There are many options on Amazon and Etsy. Simple over the ear masks with a straight fit (no nose shaping or piece to come over the chin) stick to your mouth and are the worst. I didn’t get a mask from Disney for this reason.
  • Bring multiple back up masks and keep the clean ones in a Ziploc bag. If you get wet on a ride or sweaty, you’ll wish you had!
  • Download the WDW app. This should be a no brainer for ride wait times, but mobile ordering Dolewhip was super quick and easy. Contactless payment is a win for everyone. Most restaurants require it. Plus, not every store, restaurant or ride was open, so you really needed it to know (heartbreakingly) that you weren’t going to Gaston’s Tavern for a giant cinnamon role.
  • Bottled water and Gatorade are a must in the park! Don’t get dehydrated in the Florida humidity. Don’t use the water fountains that taste like metal anyway. Don’t pay an arm and a leg until you absolutely must or just want something cold. You can bring as much as you want. That’s what most of our backpack was.
  • Everyone doesn’t need their own bag. We brought 1 backpack with us and took turns being responsible for it. It was mostly water anyway and once we drank enough of it, we had room for in park purchases.
  • Bring a fan. Misters and fans are off to prevent spreading of germs. In the heat of the day, you’ll want at least a folding fan.
  • Umbrellas are optional, but you should pack rain gear, even if it is a cheap poncho. We packed an umbrella to help shield us from the sun. Ride ques are no longer contained in their shaded awnings and can sprawl far and wide due to social distancing.
  • Save your shopping until you have emptied your backpack of all of your drinks, but not until the end of the night. Shopping is often the most crowded area right before closing. It’s a madhouse.
  • Meal times- Eat a great breakfast before you go to the park. Eat a late but satisfying lunch at a non-sit-down, have a late afternoon treat. Unless you can get an experience reservation, then plan around that! Pack a few snacks, or budget for Mickey Pretzels. Staying properly hydrated will help you not be as “hungry”, although don’t ignore your body craving a giant pickle in front of the Hall of Presidents, because you may need the minerals!
  • Go all out. Matching outfits, themed outfits, character tees and bags, whatever makes Disney more magical, do it. Especially these days.
  • Wear the most comfortable shoes. I wore my waterproof hiking sneakers. I walked all over in those shoes and they didn’t bother me. But on the second day, you may want to wear a different pair!
  • Wear comfortable clothing, whatever clothes you wear, it’s got to be good for rubbing against your skin, getting wet, getting sweaty, drying, heat, humidity etc.
  • Plan a special meal at a resort restaurant or Disney Springs area on the day you check out. It’ll help share highlights from your trip with each other and make it a little easier to say goodbye to Disney.

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