Taking advantage of an unplanned trip to Disney, we found ourselves picking up the special 50th Anniversary Celebration treats and it became a great side quest for us. Here are the ones we tried, their locations and what we liked about them.

Pro Tip- anything sold at a “Starbucks” type location sells out quickly and all of the stands like Epic Eats in Hollywood Studios tend to close earlier in the day. We missed out on some pretty great desserts in Hollywood Studios making that rookie mistake on Day 2after being spoiled by limited crowds in Animal Kingdom on Day 1.

#9- 50th Celebration Raspberry Almond Cheesecake at Disney Resorts

This cheesecake was very disappointing. More gelatinous mousse than cheesecake, not much flavor at all.

#8 50th Celebration Sandwhich Cookie at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This shortbread (i.e. crumbly) cookie with chocolate and jam in between is excellent for anyone looking for something a little less sweet in their treats. We didn’t like it much, but the chocolate film strip with a nod to every icon over the changing years was yummy. Ranked low because it was a little on the dry side, best enjoyed with milk!

#7 Magical Gold Rush at Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop in Disney Springs

This limited edition menu item tasted great, it is Ghirardelli after all, but it didn’t stand out. Enjoyable, but falling short on the “magical”.

#6 50th Celebration Macron at Disney Resorts

Not overpowering on the blueberry lemon flavor and made just as you’d expect a macron to be made, it ranks so high for execution on the macron recipe and how easy it is to pick up a few extra to take home.

#5 50th Celebration Scar’s Lair Dole Whip at Tamu Tamu in the Animal Kingdom

Who doesn’t love Dole Whip? The green apple is an interesting twist on the classic and a refreshing treat during the warmest parts of the day. Ours didn’t have a lot of the green apple syrup, but be prepared, the syup is pretty tart, still satisfying!

#4 50th Celebration Raspberry Dark Chocolate Mousse

We were surprised by this one. It wasn’t listed on our Disney World app when we were using the app to hunt for 50th treats. That makes me think that it was at the end of its run. We were just happy to find a quiet corner to eat and even happier that this mousse and a Darth Vader mug popped up while mobile ordering. Not huge fans of dark chocolate, we were surprised by how delicious it was. Sweet, but not overly so. Definitely worth it!

#3 50th Anniversary Celebration Cupcake picked up Creature Comforts in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

A little messy to enjoy this lemon based cupcake (read difficult to twist the bottom and put on top), but it’s just what you’d want out of a cupcake! Fluffy cake with a light fruity flavor, it’s a win if you like anything similar to lemon pound cake.

#2 50th Celebration Chocolate Gateaux at Tiffin’s

This one is ranked so high more so because of its presentation and ingredients than overall taste. The ingredients were an exotic blend of mousse, almond praline, chili powder mixed dark chocolate powder, with sponge cake accents and chocolate syrup on a chocolate dusted plate with magical touches of gold dust and even a hidden Mickey! This dessert is for you if you are fan of hitting every receptor on your tastes buds without being overpowered by sugar or chocolate.

#1 50th Celebration Mickey Mousse Dome Brownie at Creature Comforts Animal Kingdom

This delicious brownie was the perfect desert, unless you are allergic to blue food dye (because there is a lot of dye in it, and you’ll be reminded of that later, trust me). It didn’t phase us from enjoying this brownie and I would 100% eat it again. The perfect consistency for a brownie and delicious mousse on top, it became the standard by which we measured every other dessert. Do not miss your chance at tasting this delicious treat!

Enjoy your hunt for celebration menu items!

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